Erg Chegaga Standard Camp.

From 96.00 €


Are you looking for the quietness and the simplicity of the Sahara desert? Our Chegaga Standard Camp is perfect for your adventure to live and try the authentic life of nomads. Our camp is located in the depth of the desert, where the big dunes are. Once you hop on a camel or drive a 4x4 in this golden sand you'll certainly be amazed by the breathtaking sceneries and the majesty of the Sahara desert. 

Our camp :

Our Standard Erg Chegaga Camp has several tents, well-equipped with firm mattresses, a restaurant area, shower facilities and a campfire. The staff camp are desert nomads, whose people and cultures go back many centuries and are the experts in the desert living. We provide our clients the comfort they're looking for and share with them the secrets of this captivating and entirely refreshing experience that will have you fully recharged and ready for anything when you get back home. 

The bathroom facilities :

We understand that most travelers prefer a private bathroom. However, we pay a lot of attention to cleaning to ensure the bathroom building is spotlessly clean for our guests every day.

Our Food and Drinks :

We serve all our meals buffet-style. So, there should be something to your liking at all mealtimes. Also, we pay attention to your dietary requirements as much as possible within the limitations of the desert.

Activities :

Camel ride or trekking with our nomad guides.

Nothing is comparable to Stargazing at night in the desert.

Sandboarding is just perfect for everyone.

Sit around the campfire and enjoy the Berber music drums by our nomads. 

And let's not forget about the lovers of sunset and sunrise, make sure you're on time to watch the breathtaking sceneries.  


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