Erg Chegaga Comfortable Camp

From 190.00 €


The Chegaga Comfortable Camp is where you can spend a very relaxing night in Torza, Erg Chegaga desert. We set up this luxury tented camp for you that has all the conveniences and a sumptuous bed you'll have the best night's sleep in, but not before a delicious Moroccan dinner is prepared for you and you can savour it as you dine outside and under a brilliant twinkling sky. 


Our camp :

The camp is located in Torza, Erg Chegaga desert. It has 12 fully equipped tents, each has a terrace with a fantastic view, and between the tents is extra space to give you more privacy. There is also a big tent for a restaurant and a lounge area. Further, the tents have everything for a comfortable stay in the desert: light, king-size beds, a small table, hooks, and a trash can. Also, we provide pillows, bed linen, and big, thick blankets to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the cold nights.


The bathroom facilities :

We have private bathroom facilities for each tent. We pay a lot of attention to cleaning to ensure the bathrooms are spotlessly clean for our guests every day and we have a solar hot water system to provide warm water in the showers.


Our Food and Drinks :

At Erg Chegaga Camp you will taste delicious traditional Moroccan food, made by the camp’s private chef. Enjoy your dinner in the restaurant, or have your food served outside under the beautiful Erg Chegaga desert sky. A wonderful experience you will remember for a lifetime.


Activities :

Discover the stars using a telescope (only on request)

Camel ride or trekking with our nomad guides.

Nothing is comparable to Stargazing at night in the desert.

Sandboarding is just perfect for everyone.

Sit around the campfire and enjoy the Berber music drum by our nomads. 

And let's not forget about the lovers of sunset and sunrise, make sure you're on time to watch the breathtaking sceneries.  


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